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01 March 2018

Batcham Farmers Adopt New Strategies of Regenerating Agroforestry Tree Species

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Famers in Batcham village, Bamboutos Bivision of West Region Cameroon, have adopted a new measure of regenerating agroforestry tree species like Acacia and Luceana in their farms other than nursing and transplanting.

This initiative involved cutting stems of some mature Luceana and acacia trees to about 5 to 10 centimeters and planting them in their farms.

The adoption of this species during this year’s planting season, according to most farming groups, was due to limited supply of the agroforestry seedlings relative to their farm sizes. The farmers have also come to understand the importance of these species for livestock and the soil fertilities improvement.

“When the Agroforestry technician told us about the benefits of these trees a few years ago, we saw it as a joke but today, the difference is clear. They have not only improved our soil fertility but have also served as natural pesticides in the soil, and food for our goats and pigs,” the farmers confessed.

Besides the distribution of the agroforestry tree species, the farmers also engaged in the establishment of forest gardens using grafted fruit trees and medicinal plants.

By Chamdjou Junie