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17 May 2013

ERuDeF celebrates International Labour Day

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The staff of the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF), have joined their counterparts world over to celebrate the International Labour day on May 1 2013. Set aside by the United Nations, the 127th edition of the day was celebrated under the theme "descent work and fight against corruption". The day aimed to celebrate the contribution of citizens to the growth of the country through work.

ERuDeF for the first time joined the rest of the country to celebrate the labour day. Not even the scorching sun nor the mammoth crowd that gathered at the Fako Divisions Headquarters, Limbe, could stop them. With placards and sign posts, the staff of ERuDeF marched pass at the Grand Stand in Limbe bearing messages of conservation such as "stop the killing of Cross River Gorillas! Stop the felling of trees! Together we can build a greener world! One man one tree"

The theme of the 2013 Labour day "descent work and fight against corruption" is very timely. It comes at a time when the Cameroon government suffers from a lot of corruption and laissez-faire attitude at the workplace. It is hoped that this celebration causes workers to regain their steam and get back to work with a new sense of purpose.

On this day, all companies and organizations take a holiday to make merry and pamper themselves for good work done. The celebration proper gives different organistions an opportunity to make known their organizations and the different activities in which they are involved. Little wonder you will find them all marching with t shirts, different African fabrics printed to bear the logos, mission statements and visions of different organization.

By Ita Nawom Semndze