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07 October 2013

ERuDeF launches wildlife book

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Cover page of book- The Splendour of the Lebialem Wildlife

After working for the conservation of wildlife in the Lebialem area for over a decade, the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) is launching a new book titled "The Splendour of the Lebialem Wildlife". The book, authored by the Environmental Education Program Manager Mahah Vladimire takes the reader into the world of the rich animal diversity of the Lebialem rainforest and equally the threats faced by these animals.

Speaking about the book, the author said "For a couple of years now I have been involved in educating pupils and students in the Lebialem highlands on the significance of conserving their beautiful forest area and how they can protect it. I have often been thrilled by their increasing dedication and contribution toward the conservation of the environment" She explained that the pupils shared very fascinating stories about the lifestyles and myths of some animals in the Lebialem rainforest which motivated her to write the book.

The book has interesting tales of animals such as The Green Monkey and Bush Baby amongst others. It narrates the everyday lifestyle of the Chimpanzees in the forest. In a dramatic fashion, the book explores how the critically endangered Cross River Gorilla tries to fight back the human threats it faces and also explains the life of the Forest African Elephant which is so big, yet so vulnerable.

The stories in this book also bring out the real characteristics of the animals and would help the reader understand the myth and realities of these species and equally see more reasons why these animals must be protected. It is a must read!

By Regina Fonjia Leke