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04 February 2014

ERuDeF’s Program Manager for Education defends M.Sc

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Akeh Nug applauded by Supervisors for a job well done

The Program Manager for Education for Sustainable Development at ERuDeF, Akeh Nug has defended a Masters in Natural Resource Management from the University of Buea. The defense took place on December 12, 2013 at the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Science in the University of Buea. Ms. Akeh Nug who holds a BSc. in Environmental Science, presented her Master's thesis on the topic: "Evaluation of ambient atmospheric particulate matter in the urban environment of Douala-Cameroon in Natural Resources Management".

The 33-year-old female who hails from the Northwest Region of Cameroon was outstanding in her presentation as she responded to most of the questions posed by her jury with confidence. The cross-examination was headed by three 3 judges, and it lasted for over an hour. Akeh Nug gave an overview of her thesis, explaining why she chose Douala-Cameroon. She said Douala, the commercial capital of Cameroon is jam packed with all sorts of industries who emit substances that are a threat to the environment. According to Nug, a study like hers will help for a better management of company waste.

After a thorough examination by the examiners, Ms. Akeh was graded excellent qualifying her for the award of a Master's Degree in Natural Resources Management.

"I am so filled with excitement and joy. I am short of words to explain how I feel. My success in this defense makes me feel fulfilled", Akeh said. With regards to her response to the impact of her topic to the environment, she explained that she is willing and ready to transfer this knowledge wherever necessary given it will go a long way to create awareness concerning what we use in our homes as fuels. This is because these fuel types found in domestic, commercial and industrial activities produce particulate matters.

In fulfilling her dream of becoming a Researcher in environmental issues she intends to put in more efforts in research. "As the Program Manager for Education for Sustainable Development at ERuDeF, this will enable me do my job better and identify areas in the field of environmental education that needs more attention"

With my knowledge, I would be able to develop new strategies to foster environmental education to a level where even the common man will not only be aware but get involved in keeping a healthy environment both for man and nature"

By Enanga Njie