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11 October 2017

Executive Board of Biodiversity Community Trust Put In Place

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 Executive Board of Biodiversity Community Trust Put In Place

The executive board of the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF)’s Biodiversity Community Trust (BCT), has been put in place. This board is made up of nine persons elected during a Constituent General Assembly, which took place in Menji September 8, 2017.

According to ERuDeF’s Micro-Finance Manager, Quddus Njang, the putting in place of this board is necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of the Trust in all cooperatives found within the Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary and the proposed Mak-Betchou Wildlife Sanctuary. It will equally enable community members to have access to financial resources in other to reduce their over dependence on the forest for a livelihood.

Quddus schooled the board member on the importance of microfinance. He underscored the need for communities to have access to cash and to facilitate the establishment of micro businesses in the adjacent communities. This enlightenment was greatly welcome by participants.

“I thank ERuDeF for all that they have been doing to ensure the growth of our communities as well as our livelihoods. I will like you people to create the Biodiversity Community Trust in our communities. I believe this will help us to have access to financial resources that will enable us to set up alternative income generating activities thus, diverting our attention from the forest” Mr Tanduwn Landnus said

In the course of the meeting each of the cooperatives bought shares worth $ 30,000. A total of $480 shares were bought with a cash contribution of $320.

The meeting was attended by representatives of some eight cooperatives found within the Tofala and the Proposed Mak-Betchou Wildlife Sanctuary. These cooperatives include: Lower Mundani Farmers Cooperative, Tofala Women Cooperative, Mount Bamboutos Echinops Cooperative, Lewoh Women Cooperative, Alou-Tofala Farmers Cooperative, Nkongho-Mbo Farmers Cooperative, Nkongho-Mbo Farmers Cooperative and Mak-Betchou Cooperative.

This was made possible by ERuDeF with financial support from Rainforest Trust.