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08 April 2014

FFEM’s Representative Lauds ERuDeF’s Effort in Project Execution

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FFEM Manager and ERuDeF Team with some Villagers in Andu.

The Programme Manager for the French Fund for Global Environment, better known by its French acronym, (FFEM), Silvia Rittossa, has expressed profound satisfaction on ERuDeF's execution of livelihoods projects scoring the organization a 9/10. She made this remark at ERuDeF Regional Office in Menji, Lebialem Division, March 19, 2014, as she went visiting projects supported by her organization in Cameroon.

Having been to some ERuDeF project sites around the proposed Mak-Betchou Chimpanzee Sanctuary notably, the pig farming and bee keeping projects in Andu, the FFEM Representative, who came "to see what ERuDeF has accomplished since 2010" was proud to have supported ERuDeF; "There is quite much and quality work on the ground that Louis is doing with his team. I saw with my own eyes how professional the organization is and how Louis is managing his staff. I think we did not make a wrong decision financing it for the second time".

Ms. Rittossa was particularly marvelled by the dedication and commitment the people of Mak-betchou have for the projects. "I have visited many projects in Africa but to be very candid with you this is the first time I have really seen people committed to a project and wanting more. We give bee hive to people as an alternative source of livelihood, but they are not always able to develop real honey production, but I am really confident that the development of this activity can bring quite some revenue to the people" She said.

The FFEM Programme Manager, who has hitherto shunned financing livestock project for fear that "the people will take and eat", was overwhelmed when Pa Nkemleke George, who received two piglets from ERuDeF in 2012, presented 12 piglets promising to give two to one other member of the community who did not benefit from ERuDeF's donation.

"I see that the people can be trusted. They don't even need a Memorandum of Understanding to be honest in their dealing. They understand the it worked in Andu unlike my thoughts" Mrs Rittossa said.

She also expressed great delight on ERuDeF's Education for Sustainable Development Programme, Echinops giganteus Project and the extent which the organization has gone with the gazetting process of the Proposed Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary .

She attributed the success to the organization's ever presence at the project site and trust worthiness; "We have NGOs who remain in the regional capitals and hardly go to the fields or project sites but from what I see, ERuDeF staff are always on the field. The fact that they have a field office is a symbol of trustworthiness and I think it is not by chance that the organization has an increasing number of partners".

On his part, the President/CEO of ERuDeF Louis Nkembi, expressed lots of happiness with the visit of Silvia Rittossa to ERuDeF's project sites adding that it is an avenue for ERuDeF to know how "good or bad it has been able to implement and ameliorate where need be". He also promised to, together with his team, make the best out of any fund received from ERuDeF's donors.

Meanwhile the Chief of Andu, just like the people of the local community expressed gratitude to FFEM and other partners for "meeting their needs through ERuDeF"

Ndimuh Bertrand Shancho