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31 March 2014

GREAT NEWS!!!-Cross River Gorilla, Nigeria-Cameroon Chimp and Preuss Monkey Caught in Camera in Tofala Forest

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In January 2014, ERuDeF's Biological team received a two-day training on the collection and assembling of great apes data in the Forest from a wildlife Expert from the Virginia Tech University, Michael st Germain. He gave the training during his visit to the Lebialem Highlands SW Cameroon, from January 9th to January 15th 2014. After this training, the team went into the forest and set up camera traps. Less than a month after these cameras were set up in addition to other cameras set up by a PhD Research student from University of Bonn, Sebastian Linnarz, in the proposed Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, the elusive Cross River Gorilla has been caught in camera alongside other endangered species including the Nigeria Cameroon Chimpanzees and Preuss Monkey. Enjoy this picture gallery!



Cross River Gorilla sitting behind branch of a tree



Nigeria Cameroon Chimpanzee carrying young one



Chimpanzee carrying young one



Chimpanzees feeling free in their natural habitat


Young Chimpanzee climbing a tree


Chimp carrying young one

EK000065Preuss Monkey in Tofala forest

EK000026Chimps moving in the forest