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01 March 2017

International Trees Foundation Lauds ERuDeF’s Agroforestry Strides

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The Environment and Rural Foundation (ERuDeF), has been highly praised for great advances made in agroforestry system of farming. The acclamation remarks were made by the Programme Officer of the International Trees Foundation (ITF), Paul Laird, during a one day curtesy visit to the Organisation, Friday February 24, 2017. The aim of the visit was to understudy the Organisation and seek new ways wherein ITF and ERuDeF can partner for the sustainable management of trees.

According to the ITF Programme Manager, ERuDeF has progressively grown to a major player in conservation and environment in Cameroon. He intimated his great impression with the great strides the Organisation has put forward.

“What is a bit of a surprise and exciting is that an Organisation that International Trees Foundation (ITF) gave some small donation back in 2005, and again in 2010, has grown into quite a major in terms of conservation and environment in Cameroon. It’s impressive to see the range of what you (ERuDeF) is doing now,” Paul Laired said.

He went ahead to indicate that ERuDeF scored a passed mark among Organisations ITF is willing to partner with in conserving forests, planting trees, enhancing the use of trees in agroforestry systems to improve people’s lives, among others. He mentioned that ERuDeF and ITF are currently working on two ideas which will enhance forest conservation.

“ITF supports mainly community based Organisations and NGOs, in a number of African countries as well as the UK. People who are doing good work on the grounds, in terms of conserving forests, planting trees, enhancing the use of trees in agroforestry systems to improve people’s lives. Now, I think ERuDeF still does that, but ERuDeF still has a wider capacity. So the purpose of coming is to share ideas with ERuDeF, understand what ERuDeF is doing at the moment and see if there are other opportunities to partner again in future,” Paul Laird expounded.

For his part, the President and Chief Executive Officer of ERuDeF, Louis Nkembi, appreciated ITF’s commitment in restoring degraded landscapes through the planting of trees. He attributed ERuDeF’s successes to dedication, commitment and hard work from every member of staff in the Organisation.

He thanked the ITF Programmes Manager for coming and hopes that they two organizations continue to grow together in partnership so as to achieve the greater vision for conservation.

The International Trees Foundation joined forces with ERuDeF since 2005, restoring the degraded landscape of Mt Bamboutos and the Lebialem highlands. There are glimmers of hope the two Organisations will be working together in the field of conservation.

By  Yanick Fonki