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06 April 2013

Motorbike Riders steal show, parade to raise awareness on the importance of water on World water day

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Celebrating World Water Day in Menji

The World Water Day 2013, was celebrated on 22 March under the theme "Water Cooperation, within the framework of the International Year of Water Cooperation 2013". During this Water Cooperation 2013 Campaign, which includes the Year and the Day, efforts around the world at local, national and international levels help to raise awareness on the potential and challenges for water cooperation, facilitate dialogue among actors, and promote innovative solutions for nurturing water cooperation.

This event was celebrated in Menji, the headquarter of Lebialem Division by the Delegation of Environment and Nature Protection in collaboration with Association of Women in Environment and Economic Development, Environment and Rural Development Foundation(ERuDeF) and other civil society groups.

The motor bike riders stole the show when they took to the streets with their motor bikes calling on locals to manage water efficiently. They carried placards carrying messages such as "water is life, lets together fight to protect it"

This parade was followed by the projection of a documentary in the Catholic Church hall on water crises in the North of Cameroon. This documentary demonstrated how some water sources that had high volume of water some years back had gone dry due to climate change. The consequence was that people had to move for long distances before getting water or dig holes for water to ooze out.

The documentary was watched by a cross section of the Menji population and as it went on, explanations and contributions were made to find tune solutions towards ensuring water sustainability.

Participants were cautioned on the need to protect their water sources, given that failure to do so may result to the plight of the people in the North of Cameroon befalling them in Menji.

By Enokenwa Allen Tabi