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05 August 2013

Over 50 orphans to benefit from ERuDeF scholarships schemes in Lebialem Division

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Some of the Young Orphans who would benefit from the Scholarship

The Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) with support from Tusk Trust UK continue to improve education through its 2013-2014 scholarship scheme. Over 50 orphans within the age bracket 5-16 in the Lebialem Division would benefit from this scholarship scheme. These children would receive basic school needs such as; school bags, school fees, text books, exercise books and some other didactics materials for the 2013/2014 academic year. The aim of this scholarship is to first to encourage education for the under-privileged and also to breed young leaders in the field of the environment.

During the first semester of the year 2013, the ERuDeF education team visited several schools around the Lebialem Division. The aim of this activity which is carried out every year under the banner of the ERuDeF Environmental Education Program, was to improve the participation of school environmental clubs in conserving their environment.

At the latter months of this semester, outstanding school clubs, which had proven their engagements in protecting the environment, were selected. The school authorities together with ERuDeF education team thereafter nominated at least 2 candidates each for the scholarship award from every school. The following criteria notably family background, class position, honesty, respect of hierarchy, and involvement in the school environmental club were the key criteria taken into consideration during the selection process. The selection process was equally gender balanced, given that, at least a girl and boy were selected from each school.

Just to note that kids selected are orphans who are academically sound, but are not able to further their studies because of their financial difficulties. Some of them have been adopted by well-wishers just so they can have a place to sleep and some balanced diet to eat. Also some of them are the head of their school environmental clubs while others are the hands which are faithfully working towards a greener school environment. With such tremendous efforts, ERuDeF felt obliged to put a smile on the faces of these kids through this scholarship scheme.

The launching of the scholarship program would take place at the Lebialem Headquarters (Menji) during the third week of September 2013. All candidates will be present with a Representative of their school authority

By Mahah Vladimire