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29 November 2016

Palm Oil, Other NTFPs Production To Increase With New Business Plan

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Palm Oil, Other NTFPs Production To Increase With New Business Plan

The Silver Back Co. Ltd (SBC) has developed a one year business plan that will boost palm oil, kernel oil and Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) production and generate income to support conservation efforts in the Lebialem Highlands.

The business plan, developed recently by Silver Back Co. Ltd team with technical coordination from Man and Nature technical adviser for Cameroon projects, Mr. Theo Théo Tournebize, laid emphasis on products and services, sales and marketing, operations amongst others.

According to Mr. Théo Tournebize, the new business plan is very realistic in pushing forth the mission of SBC and if well followed, production would increase significantly.

“This new plan has been drawn taking into consideration field realities and the production and storages capacity of SBC Ltd. If the mills operate in full capacity and more marketing avenues exploited, then I believe, the production season for the next year would be a better one”, the Man and Nature Technical Adviser attested.

The SBC Coordinator, Mr. Njom Ignatius, on his part said if the new plan is well implemented, the 2016/17 production season will be great given that the SBC is continuously engaged in both production and market identification.

“SBC has just acquired a more than 10 ton capacity warehouse in Dschang, Western Cameroon. This is very strategic as it is closer to neighbouring city, more storage spaces and easy transportation to markets” he explained.

The SBC boss added that any increase in production means increase in profit and consequently more finances, which will be redeployed for livelihood and community development.

With the new plan in action, it is expected that 112,000 liters of palm oil will be produced in 2016/2017 production season opposed to 18,160 liters produced in 2015/2016. This means there will be a 60% increase in overall production.

This project is carried out with main funding from (AFD/Man and Nature, Transpetrol Foundation).