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06 June 2013

The Green Vision Newspaper to hit Cameroon news stands June 17

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Editorial team of Green Vision discuss on the Publication of the maiden edition

The management of the Environment and Rural Development Foundation have announced the coming of the Green Vision Newspaper. The announcement was made after discussions at a meeting that held in Buea on Wednesday May 29. A cream of people working to see this paper out agreed that this maiden paper will hit the stands on June 17, 2013, a day which coincides with the International Day to combat desertification.

Talking about this upcoming launch of the paper, Ms, Regina Leke, the Coordinator of the Green Journalism Project and Editor of the Green Vision Newspaper had this to say "I feel quite excited about this paper. It is a novelty and it is going to be different and unique in its own way. Environmental reporting is not given the necessary attention it deserves in the media. I am hoping that this paper will give a new impetus to environmental reporting and trigger interest in other journalists to carve this out as a niche for reporting".

One of the Science Editors of the upcoming paper Dr. Fonge Beatrice of the University of Buea felt that there is a lot to be said about the environment which we do not get to hear. "Environmental themes to be covered are so many ranging from industrial, household and clinical waste management, water crises to natural disasters and many others". Dr. Fonge went on. She further noted that journalists working with this paper are determined to do their best to give it the quality it deserves and ensure that it stands the test of time. Objectivity and investigative Science would be the guiding policy of the paper.

The management team of the newspaper would include the veteran journalist Che Martin as Associate Editor, Azore Opio as Editor-in-Chief, Regina Leke as Editor and Ndimuh Bertrand as Contributing Editor. Other members of the management team include Louis Nkembi as Executive Editor, Dr. Fonge Beatrice, Dr. Sumbele and Dr. Bobo as Science Editors and Edith Atoneche and Mukwele Princewill as Contributing Editors.

Just to note that contributions to the paper will also be coming from all the different regions of the country, civil society organization as well as other organizations working for the protection of the Environment and Sustainable development.

In order to give the launching of this newspaper the grandeur it deserves, a series of activities have been earmarked. Amongst these would include starting from the celebration of the World Environment Day, to talks on Radio and extending to the International Day to combat desertification.

By Ita Nawom