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06 June 2013

Volunteer donates educational material to kids in Bokwa village

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A United States based Volunteer has extended material support to some 20 young people in the Bokwa Village, SW Cameroon. Ms Tabitha Mackoline based in Alaska made this gesture on May 15, 2013 when she sent some items to these children through the Cameroonian conservation Organisation, the Environment and Rural Development Foundation(ERuDeF). The support included note books, pens, pencils, candies, tooth brush, tooth paste, rulers, toys and inner wears.

Ms Tabitha specified gifts to three kids whom she was most closed to during her stay in Cameroon. These three kids are, Ayamba and Manyor, who are children of the Chief of Bokwa and Aaron, the son of a Field Assistant working for ERuDeF. The rest of the gifts were given to 17 other pupils of GS Bokwa who answered questions relating to the protection of the environment. These pupils included Agu Clarkson, Agu Ramson, Ayamba Brian, Etengeneng Rayan, Tabi Boris Esse Obeth, Ashu Peter, Njang Kizito, Ekili, Otu Kalvine, Ebia Anold. Otu Tarif, Ako Brenda, Akal Wedine and Ako Joyce. These kids pulled from Classes four and five were immediately mobilized to form a school environmental club.

The kids were very happy receiving these gifts. In a bid to express their joy, these young people wrote a 'thank you' letter to Ms. Tabitha for her kind gesture. One of the kids, Aaron in his letter said ''We want to thank you for our gift you sent through ERuDeF. May God bless you and give you long life. Extend our greetings to your family''. The chief also expressed his appreciation for the gifts.

Just to recall that Ms. Tabitha came to Cameroon in July 2012 for the ERuDeF Cross River Gorilla and Nigeria-Cameroon Chimpanzee expedition in the Tofala-Mone Forest Corridor. During her stay in Cameroon she spent part of her time in the forest and forest adjacent communities.

She spent most of her time in the community playing football with the kids during the day and cards in the evening. The children also told her many stories, jokes and folktales. Where ever she went, she was followed by kids dressed in rags with skin infections. These made her felt pity for them. It was for these reasons that Miss Tabitha while back in Alaska, decided to carry out this kind gesture. This support was handed to the beneficiaries in Bokwa village by a staff of ERuDeF.

It should be noted that this is not the first time she is making this kind of gesture. During her stay in Cameroon she supported the same Ayamba, Manyor and Aaron's kids with books, umbrellas, water bottles, detergents and soccer ball and T-shirts.

These gifts would go a long way to support the children's education, given that one of the major challenges of pupils in this area is lack of educational materials. It would also help to improve conservation education and the status of great apes and other wildlife in the Tofala-Mone forest corridor.

By Allen Enokenwa Tabi