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06 July 2015

The ERuDeF Professional Certification Programme

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Recruitment into ERuDeF will be based on the ERuDeF Professional Certification Programme Starting this 2015


From inception in 1999 to date, ERuDeF has been on a gradation path from a small to an emerging non-profit conservation organisation in Cameroon. It is anticipated that in the next 10 years, ERuDeF will become one of the most prolific and vibrant non-profit conservation organisation in Africa. In order for this to happen, ERuDeF has been undergoing a number of reforms in terms of structural, governance and programmes re-organisation. By the close of 2015, ERuDeF would have completed its structural re-organisation and governance reforms. The programmes re-organisation will be completed in 2016. The finality of all of these reforms is to prepare ERuDeF to become a leader in the conservation world in Africa. The ultimate goal of this reform process is to build one of the most effective succession and leadership plan for the organisation. The ERuDeF Professional Certification and Young Professional Programmes are being developed to meet some of these succession and leadership plans for the organisation.

Purpose and Objectives

To build a succession and leadership plan for the organisationTo

strengthen the organisational effectiveness

To enhance staff productivity and efficiency

To inbuild the organisational staff capacity in fundraising, programme management and development

To measure the commitment, passion and dedication to the organisation for the existing and newly recruited staff

The Structure of the Certification Programme

The training programme will be delivered in part time mode. The training will also be delivered in modular form. The course will hold for every last week of each month. The classes will run from 12 noon to 6 pm interspersed with one 15 minutes of break after each major course.


The classes will hold either at the ERuDeF Institute or any other appropriate location deem necessary to accommodate the relevant number of trainee.

    Programme Duration                                                                                                                   

The ERuDeF Professional Certification Programme will run for 12 months. For field based technicians, it will run for 18-24 months. This programme will be organised annually.

 Target Participants for the Certification Programme

  1.     Permanent staff of ERuDeF

The staff of ERuDeF who possess at least a first degree in the relevant field are eligible for the programme. The programme is compulsory for all staff of ERuDeF with at least a first degree. Those staff without a first degree and who are interested to attend may also be allowed to attend provided they also pay for the course at the same rate as the other staff

              2.    Newly recruited staff of ERuDeF

All newly recruited staff of ERuDeF and its partners’ programmes will be obliged to go through this programme before signing a permanent contract. This certification training seeks to measure the commitment, passion and dedication of the newly recruited staff over a 12-month long duration. All newly recruited staff who may not be willing to undergo this training will simply be terminated. They will receive a stipend ranging from 50 000CFA 150 000CFA depending on the previous job experience, qualification and ability to do the job.

               3.        Postgraduate Research Students

Any postgraduate research student wishing to take up a prospective position in ERuDeF will be accepted into the programme provided he/she will pay the certification cost at a rate of two hundred thousand CFA. Such research students must have previously identified the position, they are wishing to occupy in the organisation and discuss with the management. Such postgraduate research students must also meet the requirements of conducting research internships through the ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity and Non-profit Studies.

       4.  Field based Assistants of ERuDeF and partners’ programmes

A specially designed certification programme will be prepared for this category of staff. For this training under this category to hold, there must be at least 20 available field and or associated staff ready to undertake the course either in relevant regional locations and or in Buea.

          5       Other externally qualified candidates

Other candidates who are duly qualified and fulfil the ERuDeF Professional Certification Programme criteria will be directly recruited into ERuDeF.

Graduation, Diploma and Retention in ERuDeF

A formal graduation ceremony will be organised at the end of the certification programme. Candidates will contribute fifty thousand CFA each towards the organisation of the graduation ceremony.

For candidates with a first degree and above, a postgraduate diploma will be delivered. While for field based technicians, a diploma will be offered.

In order to receive a certified postgraduate diploma, a candidate must have successfully raised funds through a structured project development approach to support one of his/her projects developed during the certification programme. The candidate will also have been certified by the international certification programme in programme development, management and fundraising. For those candidates who will not have succeeded in raising a grant for one of his/her project during the certification programme, a simple postgraduate diploma will be offered. Candidates with simple postgraduate diplomas will be advised to withdraw from ERuDeF and their contracts will be terminated.

Field based technicians will be not subject to international certification except those with at least a first degree and wishing to move into ERuDeF.

The Induction Workshop and Start of Programme

The ERuDeF Professional Certification Programme will be launched on Friday, 10 July 2015 at the ERuDeF Institute at 10 am prompt. The formal classes will start on Monday, 27 July 2015.

The Course Fees

The fees will be 80 000CFA for the existing permanent staff and 230 000CFA for the newly recruited interns who will initially serve as Interns throughout the certification training programme. The fees for the field based technicians will be 60 000CFA. The programme registration and processing fees have already been included.

Organisers of the Certification Programme

The ERuDeF Professional Certification Programme will administered by the ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity and Non-profit Studies (The ERuDeF Institute) in partnership with the St Monica University and international non-profit management and grants writing Institute. The international certification fees will be determined by the international institute and payable by the individual participants.

Coordination and Registration

The Certification programme will be coordinated by Ms Agnes Fonkeng, while the payments should be directed to Ms Vivian Tenjem in the ERuDeF Finance office or paid directly into the ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity Account at the National Financial Credit, Buea. The curriculum and application forms should be obtained from Ms Agnes Fonkeng.